This has only just begun.

Tom here. Kaitlin will join us shortly.

This is a brainplayground. This is a space to discuss between us (in a semi-surveilled, potentially-public space) issues of embodiment and representation as they appear in writing – both prose and non-prose (though this is its own odd problem…) – and as they course through the general idea of the oft-debated idea/fact/notion of the text. We will use this as a means to shape upcoming intellectual collaborations both in an interdisciplinary fashion as well as for our individual disciplines. The ultimate goal: a series of scholarly and/or philosophical essays (with this blog as the sandbox) and/or at the very least a book proposal. Roland Barthes got to get the symbolic representation of oikos-power, son.

Kaitlin is a rhetorician, gender studies scholar, and fan/critic/student of digital cultures. She holds degrees from UNC-Greensboro and Virginia Tech and is currently a PhD student in Rhetoric at The Ohio State University. She spends her summers working for Duke’s TIP program in Lawrence, KS. I (Tom) am a composer, music theorist and itinerant musicologist, and aesthetic theorist. I hold degrees from UNC-Greensboro and the University of Texas at Austin. I’m an assistant professor of music at South Carolina State University, and over summers I am a philosophy instructor at the East Campus of the Governor’s School of North Carolina.

The idea for this collaboration arose spontaneously during a disembodied conversation over an instant messaging tool; the topic of our conversation was the constant reinterpretation of the text and a struggle with defining and isolating the absolute text in the world of music – something I have been exploring for years, and as we continue to progress into a William-Gibson-fantasy of digital culture and embodiment – having to review and rethink the idea of being there and readdressing our idea of agency – it only makes sense (if in a convoluted way) that searching for the Real and reevaluating our control over it in various forms is a common endeavor for us.

This is, of course, a gross oversimplification, but over the coming months/years/epochs, we promise to tease out as many leads and ideas as possible and argue and agree as vehemently as necessary.